The Ultimate Tiki Set

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ceramic tiki mugs

We’re sharing three separate products with you today because these 3 combined make a great starter kit for the ultimate tiki party!

We love tiki drinks over here. Although some of us tend to make them a little strong, they all make us feel like we’re on a beach somewhere sipping on tropical juices. Since great tiki drinks are made with quality ingredients, it’s important that you also spend the money to buy quality drinkware, recipes and of course decorations.

Here’s our 3 must-haves for an ultimate tiki set:

Ceramic Tiki Tumblers

Tiki drinks taste better with chipped ice, tall glasses, and slices of pineapple or other fruit mixed in. In order to get all of that in a glass, we love using these affordable tiki tumblers with 4 different faces. They’re just tall enough for a straw to reach the bottom and their ceramic build prevents the ice from melting too quickly. Check them out for only $27 on Amazon here.



Hand Carved Wooden Tiki Sign

What’s a tiki party without some sort of decoration!? Usually tiki decorations are cheaply made out of plastic and look like they’ll blow away with the first sight of tradewinds. Not this hand carved wooden sign however with attention to detail on each palm tree! At 2 feet long, this sign is meant to be hung on a wall outdoors or indoors and withstand the test of time. Check it out on Amazon for $19.



Tiki Cocktails Recipe Book

Now that you have the glasses and sign, it’s time to sling out some seriously potent tiki cocktails. Sure you could go online and look up some Mai Tai or Zombie recipes, but this book has over 200 different recipes with common ingredients. We love this book for its simple design and awesome cocktails. This one’s on Firebox for around $19 as well.




With those 3 items, you will be master of the beach and exporter of fine rum cocktails! Happy tiki-ing.

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$20 - $67