Kymera Magic Wand – Remote Control The TV

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kymera wand

Swish and flick! If Professor Flitwick were around he’d be impressed with our skills using the Kymera Magic Wand to control our TV. What’s that? You didn’t know there’s a wand out there that can actually control your TV, iPod or any other electronic device that uses infrared?

That’s right. The Magic Wand by Kymera (who also made that sweet Star Trek Phaser Remote Control) has 13 programmable functions like turning on and off the TV, turning up the volume, changing channels and even ejecting a DVD. All programmable actions are movement based so there’s no buttons on the wand. You just use the wand in a certain motion and it will do the rest.

Here are the specs:

  • Can learn up to 13 infrared remote control codes
  • Compatible with most home electronics
  • Can learn infrared code from any remote control (including Sony, Samsung, Comcast, AT&T, DirecTV, stereo, DVD, etc.)
  • Includes 2 AAA batteries


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remote control wand


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