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Some men grow them only in the winter. Others wear them year round. No matter when you grow a beard however the most overlooked thing about owning a beard is keeping it clean, because let’s face it – men tend to skimp on upkeep.

Brothers Jeff and Dan (both rocking great beards) decided to create a line of products to help men take care of their facial hair and have it smell great in the process. Together they launched Griffin, which targets men who have wild whiskers and need to tame their faces.

From their beard oil and balm to their birch tar soap, their host of beard products are made in small batches that men love. Everything is fresh as well as handcrafted with 100% all-natural ingredients so it’s all gentle on the face and won’t leave any chemicals behind. Their oil hydrates your skin behind your beard while keeping the hair shiny and their balm will help you form the beard into whatever shape you’re going for.

Check out their site for more information on how they make each product but don’t hesitate to start taking care of your beard today. It’s what separates the men from the boys.


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