The GrabOpener – One Handed Bottle Opener

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one handed bottle opener

Stop wasting time and energy by opening beer with two hands. Who does that anymore?!? You need the GrabOpener – a magnetic one-handed bottle opener that makes popping open a cold one much easier than before.

Now we’re not saying the ol’ reliable opener you have stored on your keychain or in that top drawer needs to go – in fact, the GrabOpener can stick to the side of the fridge for those emergencies when you can only grab and open a beer with one hand.

How many times will you ever need to do that you ask? We’ve thought of some scenarios…

5 Reasons Why You Need A One Handed Bottle Opener

  1. You’re a new Dad and you got a┬ábaby in your left arm.
  2. You broke your arm in a manly accident and now it’s in a sling
  3. You’re busy on the laptop watching… videos
  4. Someone throws you a beer and you open it upon catching, impressing women all around you
  5. You buy two GrabOpeners and need to double fist

See? You need this.


grabopener bottle opener


magnetic bottle opener

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