Duct Tape For Your Keychain

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keychain duct tape

Know someone who uses duct tape to fix everything? Then give them the gift that keeps on giving with this handy Keychain Duct Tape roll.

Reusable and compact, the product comes with 18″ of Gorilla Tape ready to go. Slapping this on your keychain means you’ll be ready to fix anything wherever you go, but the best part is refilling it with a simple hack.

keychain duct tape refill

Just put the keychain inside the chuck of a power drill and start the tape on its side. Turn it on the lowest RPM setting and easily refill the tape!

The Keychain Duct Tape product is made in the USA out of solid brass and is about the size of chapstick. It’s only $20 and a hell of a gift for men.


duct tape for your keychain


duct tape on the go

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