Direct Action Tactical Backpack

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dragon egg tactical backpack

Designed for Military and Law Enforcement but loved by men everywhere, the Direct Action Dragon Egg Backpack is a perfect cross of heavy duty and comfort. This particular pack comes in different camo or color patterns but each is treated for low-profile visibility (for tactical reasons).

Coming in at a 25 liter capacity this pack is a perfect carry for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers and all guys who need to disappear for a weekend. The bag comes with several front and side-loading pockets, velcro holds, and adjustable straps as well as a waist band for extra support.

The entire pack is lightweight despite its size due to the material which is vented and water resistant (so it doesn’t absorb any moisture). For a tactical backpack that’s trusted by military and can double as a weekend pack, $149 isn’t a bad deal at all.


mens tactical backpack


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