What Is Medium Wage?

Medium Wage is the first website to cater to men who make an average salary. We will never focus on the latest Ferrari, a $2,500 watch, or something out of a Bond film that you can’t afford. What we will focus on however is that cool gadget we just saw on Kickstarter or that amazing beer we just tasted.

Medium Wage will feature cool stuff that you can afford and all guys want. Whether you’re looking for the next great affordable watch or that badass invention, this is the place to find it.

Our Readers

Medium Wage receives thousands of page views a day and many of those readers are men just like you or me. We work a job, we make an average living, and we like to spend our hard earned money on cool shit. If you’re tired of only being able to dream about owning that stuff you find on other sites then Medium Wage is for you.

Interested In Featuring Your Product?

If you make something cool or know of a good item that you think our readers will love, feel free to reach us through our form on our Advertise page. We respond to requests as soon as we can.