1byone Stereo Turntable With Built In Speakers

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1byone Stereo Turntable

If you’re an audiophile like us, you probably have a few vinyls you’ve collected over the years that are just begging to be played. The 1byone 3-speed Stereo Turntable is a compact solution to playing your records without taking up too much space but the best part is that it can play back your music with its internal speakers with great sound.

The turntable comes packed with numerous other features too that make it well worth the $50 price tag. The system can convert your vinyls to MP3 if you want that authentic sound on the go. It can also play back your MP3 songs with any USB stick that you just plug in to the front.

Another cool feature is the ability to plug in to your home stereo system via RCA cables if you want to really turn up the volume. It also has a protective dust cover that can be left over the record while you’re playing music. Last but not least, it has 3 speeds so you can play any record you have in your collection.

Don’t take this deal for granted – the 1byone turntable is the real deal!


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